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What we do

In the fast moving world of technology and mobile devices customers and clients expect to be able to see a companies website and download and access a companies mobile app.

Here at GizaLook Solutions we are perfectly positioned to supply both your websites, mobile apps and any other technology needed to run and manage your business successfully.

How it works.

Each mobile app is uniquely created to the exact specification needed by the client. All mobile apps can link directly to your current website, facebook and twitter accounts and synchonise data seamlessly.

Whether you are after an app to supply information to customers regarding an upcoming event, band or promotion, or to allow customers to request products, book a table in your restaurant or even take part in your loyalty scheme, a mobile app is perfectly suited to give your business that fresh modern look and feel needed in todays mobile world.

Popular Features.

Some of the most popular features requested by our clients are Loyalty Schemes and Geo-Fencing. For more information on these two features checkout our Most Popular Section.

Sending notifications to users.

Keeping your clients and customers up to date with the latest version of your app and of special offers and important information couldn't be easier with the administrative section of our mobile apps.

Directly from the apps backend, owners and managers can send targeted notifications direct to individual app users or to all app users. All users can opt out of notifications, thus allowing them to control what notifications they receive. No one wants to receive constant notifications whether via an app or email, so use the notification section with care.

Accessing statistical data.

All your apps usage and statistics can be accessed by owners and managers so to best understand how your clients are interacting with your app.

Calculate how a campaign is running, how many confirmed event attendees there are or simply look for any trends in activity.

The data is easily accessible, and clearly layed out and is an invaluable tool to both your business and marketing programs.

Overview Below

Boost Your Business

Give your business the boost it needs with mobile apps, a fresh and modern look and feel and accessible on all the latest devices.

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Responsive Layout

All mobile apps are expertly designed and optimized for modern mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android Mobiles and Tablets.

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Cloud Storage

All submitted data and statistics are stored securely online and fully available 24/7 by all owners and managers.

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Docs & Support

Statistical reports are available 24/7 and can be downloaded by your management teams to aid planning marketing stategies.

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Modern & Professional

Not only will your team and customers love your mobile app it will also give your business a professional, modern, look n feel.

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Painless Configuration

All app content can be added, removed and edited by owners and managers keeping your message upto date and fresh.

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The possibilities for all industries are endless

Seamless Integration

With All Your


Send notifications to your customers
when they are in the area

Loyalty Scheme

Encourage loyalty by offering your
customers incentives & gifts

Device Support

Fully optimized for your:
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • Android Mobiles
  • Android Tablets
  • To Name A Few

Unlimited Users & Downloads

For your piece of mind you can have
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Content
  • Unlimited Users
  • 500K Monthly Notifications
  • All available 24/7

Robust User Experience

Native Application Interface for
  • Unparalleled User Experience
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Latest Functionality
  • iOS & Android
  • Free Automatic Updates

Offline Support

  • Offline Capabilities
  • Disconnected Content View

News, Events, Gigs, Loyalty Scheme, Calendars

  • Display All Your News
  • Advertise Your Events & Gigs
  • Encouraging Loyalty Schemes
  • Maintain a Calendar
  • And more..

Reporting & Statistics

  • Access App Statistics
  • Data Export for Analysis

All about us and where we came from.



We are only limited by our imaginations!

Over the past decade the world has turned mobile, trade has become global and data is passed from continent to continent on a daily basis.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are very quickly become industry wide terminology with organisations trying their best to embrace technology to help improve efficiency, data accuracy and to promote their businesses as forward thinking, technology embracing entities.

GizaLook Solutions is a modern mobile app company specialising in supplying mobile apps to all industries to help promote their business and offer direct marketing to the app users.

We bring that personal touch to every project we undertake, which is why our clients love us.

GizaLook Solutions

Newcastle upon Tyne


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